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These delightful Yoga Bolsters are made from Natural Fibres, with removable, washable cotton covers. 

A Yoga Bolster is a wonderful prop to use for any seated postures, Savasana and an essential prop for Yin Yoga. 

These beautiful Luna Series Bolsters are a stylish addition to your home, and can be used for support when sitting up in Bed, or watching TV on the lounge. 

The Bolsters are adorned with the Divine Goddess Lotus, and the Luna Phases. A beautiful reminder of our connection to this planet, and a reminder that like the Lotus that rises from the murky depths on the pond we all need a little mud to thrive in life. 

The Bolsters have a carry strap at one end for ease of carry and transport. Now you can bring your Yin Yoga practise into your lounge room in comfort and style. 

63cms  length
25cms diameter

Weight 1kg

Luna Series Rectangle Bolster

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