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"Thank you Cathy, I've loved the course, the beautiful and peaceful location, and the amazing calm I've felt after every class. It has been the perfect tonic for my soul at this difficult time in my life and I looked forward to every morning with you. The chanting helped open my heart ready for the week and the gentle yoga flow put me in touch with my breath and my physical form."


"I would highly recommend Cathy Dearinger Yoga. Cathy's classes are uplifting, restorative and peaceful. They have become part of my empowerment journey to improve my health through self care. Cathy's commitment, positive attitude, friendliness, and enthusiasm have been great for me. I have been able to work at my own pace during classes and they have sparked an interest in the joy of chanting for me! The Forest Farm location and online access to classes are an added bonus!


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